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  • So I graduated in 1983, worked at Popeyes, went to California for six months and then came back to Florida and lived with my dad and my friend Athena. After working some fast food jobs, etc. we went to get our […]

  • At the same time I was enrolled in college I had also taken my first job, at Popeye’s Fried Chicken.  I loved that job and gained twenty pounds working there.  My friend Krystal & I were saving money to go see D […]

  • Right before our dogs started getting sick, I was getting sick of writing this blog. I was hoping to reach out and let other girls know if they are going through the same troubles I had been through there is […]

  • I know I have not written on my blog in a very long time, since Athena passed, and it has just been horrible ever since.  Right before Athena passed away my 15-year-old Cairn Terrier, Ramona started having […]

  • Well, my blog is not as successful as I had hoped.  I wanted to reach other women who have gone through the same struggles or are going through them now. Drug abuse is currently at an all-time high (again, no pun […]

  • On Saturday, July 21st at approximately 1:00-1:15am 14-year-old Athena Nike Leech, born April 30, 2004, left life on earth and stepped into eternity.  We will always be grateful that she came to live with us and […]

  • Mrs. Leech wrote a new post, #26 Update 7 months ago

    So I went to see my family physician a week ago and he has given me medication for my depression and I am starting to feel a little bit better already. 

    The day after that, we found out that our 14-year-old […]

    • Due to our dogs age we only did blood work and the white blood cell count told us everything we needed to know, so we did no further testing. She passed away a week later. I am so sorry about your cat. I will be praying for you.

  • Up to this point I have been sharing my story in chronological order, from my earliest recollections up until 11th grade in high school, but for a moment I would like to speak about my present, my current […]

    • Thank you for all of your positive feedback. You are really the only one who consistently reads and replies to my blog. It is not being liked or circulated, though people are reading it…in secret, not liking it or subscribing. I am thinking about shutting it down as it is not having the affect I wanted. I wanted to reach other women going through or have gone through the same struggles, but are ashamed to talk about it. It is hard to put your heart and truth on the line and you can see people are reading it but they are just not admitting it.

  • Women, I wish I had known this from day one.  I wish my family would have taught or shown me this.  I wish SOMEONE would have told me this.  I think this should really be the primary role of a father in his da […]

  • Still referring back to that 11th-grade year in high school, and the pain of it all.  You know, waking up the next morning and realizing what you had done.

    With that said, young girls, women…you are greatly […]

    • Amen! good points! Maybe I did not word myself right, but I actually wanted women to know that their bodies are a gift from God, to only be given to their husbands! So here goes another post!

  • So I finally graduated from Jefferson Davis Junior High and landed at Nathan Bedford Forest Senior High School.  I was still drinking and drugging, but things are about to get much worse!

    While I was still at […]

  • Ok, I just spent time re-reading my blogs and need to point a few things out.  During one of my first posts, when I talked about my lazy eye, the hospital and my parents telling me they love me…that was the […]

  • Up until now, I have written very little about my sister.  She is seven years younger than me, which that in itself has caused our relationship much strain.  Like I said in an earlier post the arrival time of my s […]

  • At first, I don’t really remember seeing my dad that much.  Was he embarrassed?  I doubt it, he was narcissistic, he thought he was always right and nothing he did was wrong. His own form of self-preservation I s […]

  • Around this same time, when I was still in junior high and beginning my journey into drugs and alcohol was when the final incident happened.  My dad dropped my sister and me off at the movie theater; I can’t […]

  • When we landed in Jacksonville on August 17, 1977, I had no idea that would be my final destination.  And things got much more severe.  My dad had always been a heavy drinker, but he was now a raging a […]

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