#29 Ramona Lisa

I know I have not written on my blog in a very long time, since Athena passed, and it has just been horrible ever since.  Right before Athena passed away my 15-year-old Cairn Terrier, Ramona started having seizures, then in July we were told Athena had a tumor and would not live long and then, right after Athena died we found out our rescue Chihuahua, Buddy has congestive heart failure…our home has been like a hospital for the past few months.

Both were put on medication; Ramona, Phenobarbital, and Valium for after she had a seizure and Buddy is on three different heart medicines, but everything seemed to be going fine until a week ago today.  After eating her dinner, Ramona had a seizure and it just did not stop.  When she calmed down a little bit I gave her the Valium, but she continued to seize on and off the rest of the night and she passed away around 10pm.

Ramona was my best friend for 15 years.  It was just the two of us for about 8 years until I met my husband Jeff.  She used to sleep on the pillow next to mine every night, she loved macaroni and cheese…just two single girls hanging out. I will miss her forever and never forget her. May you rest in peace Ramona “Monie” Leech. We will be together again in Heaven and then it will be for eternity baby girl. This was the last picture ever taken of her, a few days before she died.IMG_20180925_112114_235


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