Women, I wish I had known this from day one.  I wish my family would have taught or shown me this.  I wish SOMEONE would have told me this.  I think this should really be the primary role of a father in his daughter’s life. No, I don’t think it I KNOW IT.  How he treats his wife is the primary way a girl is going to know her worth, by watching the worth her dad gives to her mom.  According to my dad, my mom, and women were worthless.  

Dad’s if you are reading this, you need to start young.  You should call your young daughter and ask her on a date!  Pick her up, flowers in hand!  Then take her out, hold her hand…set the example for her on how she should be treated later in her life, out on REAL LIFE DATES with REAL LIFE MEN.  If you do not teach her who will?  And self-worth is something that needs to be taught, right along with cleaning, cooking, balancing a checkbook!

Ladies, if you did not learn from your dad or family that you are valuable, let ME be the one to tell you:  YOU ARE! I don’t care how young or old you are, how physically beautiful the WORLD may tell you-you are (because according to magazine ads, makeup ads, etc., we are all pretty dreadful!)  NONSENSE! And ONLY YOU can set YOUR VALUE!  If a man truly likes or loves you he WILL NOT expect from you things you are not ready to give (sex, kissing, even hand-holding) If a man truly likes you he will follow you around like a puppy dog until the end of the earth.  Now by saying this, I am in NO WAY trying to demean men, but I am only sharing a truth I have learned to allow women to know their worth. If you are a decent man, you will understand what I am doing.

Ladies, if a man is DEMANDING or PUSHING you for things you are not willing to do you need to walk away period.  Sex does not equal love, as I learned the hard way.  This may also be a sign of an abusive man, so RUN!  You are worth being treated like a princess, whoever you are.  A man should be willing to pick you up at the front door, meet your family (even if you no longer live at home), introduce you to his, bring you flowers, take you on your date and then leave you (untouched) at the door where he found you!  This society we live in today is horrible.  Sex on the first date?  Ladies, get real, your value just went from a million to zero.  I am just trying to be real with you!  Yes, yes, I have heard stories of people who have had sex on the first date getting married, but those are few and far between and normally end up in divorce (look up the statistics yourself!)  There is a reason that God wants ALL of us (men and women) to wait until marriage.   When you become physical with someone you also become spiritually tied to them through the physical act.  Believe me, there are WAY TOO MANY you do not want to be tied to in that way.  God wants us to wait for the person he has chosen for us.  I know that is not the society we live in, but do you want to do it your way or God’s way?  I would pick God’s way every time and I wish I had when I was a teenager.

Even if you are not a Christian, it does not matter, you still determine your own worth.  Don’t be trash, be a diamond!  Any man who knows your value will prove that to you!


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