#21 Updates

Ok, I just spent time re-reading my blogs and need to point a few things out.  During one of my first posts, when I talked about my lazy eye, the hospital and my parents telling me they love me…that was the last time my mom told me she loved me until I became an adult and my sister and I started MAKING her tell us!  My mom was never able to show affection, it was very, very hard for her.


Also, I also had earlier said I did not tell my mom about the blog and I still haven’t, but my sister did!  Thanks, Sis!  My mom and I are planning a mother/daughter weeklong trip to Destin, Florida this coming August and I am going to talk to her about it then.


Also in a previous blog, I told of how we would climb out of windows to get away from my abusive dad.  Well, my mother also told several other neighbors about the problems in our home so I think everyone on our block new of our problems, at least to some extent.  So even more of a reason to continue my love affair with drugs and alcohol, to cure the embarrassment of everyone knowing my personal business!  Just wanted to get this information updated!

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