#16 Blog Change, Idea Change, Am I Crazy?

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So I have made physical changes to my blog (cover photo, color scheme, etc) and have also changed my whole concept for my blog.  Now don’t get me wrong, I am not done with telling you about my life story, but I had to decide WHY I was telling you my life story.  No, that is not even accurate…I know WHY…but WHY WHY!  My decision to even start this blog was to get to the end…to the part, the good part, where Jesus came into my life and changed it drastically, miraculously, terrifically, forever.  And I then realized that my goal and life’s ambition was to lift up the name of Jesus and tell of how he took me out of the murky waters, transformed my life and to also let other’s know how He can change their lives!  That is the reason for the transformation of my blog;  I will still tell you about my life, but less about how it affected others but more specifically how it affected me, made me who I was, someone I did not like very much and how Jesus reconstructed me and made me a new person, a person I actually like.  This is still an ongoing process as the bible tells us it will be, but the change, while not finished, was immediate and necessary.  Necessary because the path I was going down would have led to certain premature death.  I am so thankful to Jesus and the friend he put in my life that helped lead me to salvation through Jesus Christ!  



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