#14 The U-Haul & The Cadillac

So boxes packed, we got a U-Haul and also got a hitch so we could pull our older model Cadillac behind it!  I always hated that Cadillac.  It was an awful burgundy color, inside and out, the seats were made of a scratchy feeling material-I just didn’t like it!

We made it to Irving, Texas,  close to my dad’s brother and his family.  While there my mom and my uncle’s wife became close and we would do a lot of things with her and my cousins Tony & Angela;  we would go watch Tony’s baseball games and just various things and had a lot of fun.

But during this time my parents were fighting a lot and I was starting to have difficulties because of it.

I attended the same school as my cousins and this school had NO WALLS-literally.  You could see all of the classrooms and students in those classes.  It was during an incident here that I gained a new phobia-the phobia of being asked a question in front of large groups of people.  Like I said, my parents had been fighting frequently and this stayed on my mind all the time.  One time, during math, which I was not fond of anyway, I was daydreaming, thinking of my parents when the teacher called on me.  I was completely clueless about what was going on, which question we were on, much less the answer.   That teacher so berated me in front of everyone, and I do mean everyone.  He was yelling so loud at me when I looked around, the students from the other classrooms were looking on.  I could feel my face turn red.  And to make matters worse, he called my parents about the situation.  When I got home from school I remember my dad sitting me down at the dinner table, helping me with my homework…”helping” may not actually be the right word.  I remember I did not understand the math problems and my dad just beating his fist on the table in frustration, yelling at me.  If that happened today the child would probably be removed from the home!  But back in those days that is not how it worked-children were just left to deal with their situations.  I remember his intense anger-like the time I would not eat the pea soup, but this time it was one hundred times worse.  I was actually afraid of my dad for the first time and also discovering that I did not always like my dad that much, where I had previously practically worshiped him.  The “helping” with the homework became a regular occurrence, fists beating the table and all.

Things between my parents got so bad, my mom decided to leave him and go back to California.  Once again, belongings packed-minus my father’s, me, my mom and sister began our driving adventure from Texas to California in the dreaded Cadillac.

Now, not trying to be rude, I have never considered my mom a strong woman and to this day I am astonished she actually took on the task of driving those hundreds of miles back home with her two young daughters!

cadillac classic car
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