#11 My Confusion

Hi, I know I have not written in quite some time and I am sorry.  I have been doing a lot of soul-searching, reaching into the deepest depths of my soul and just not sure HOW to carry on; carry on, I will, but just not sure if blogging about it is the right way to go.

Please pray for me as I try to make some very important decisions.  I thought all of the “Very Important Decisions” in my life had already been made, up to this point, but apparently not.  I think God is taking me in a different direction now.  Please be patient with me as I sort and pray these things out.  I will keep you posted, I promise!!!!

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4 thoughts on “#11 My Confusion

  1. Cheryl keep writing, it will help you sort through everything you have filed away in that head (and heart) of yours. Sometimes, for me, I’ve processed nothing until I’ve written it down in my journal and have read back over my happenings..then I have my “a-ha” moments. Maybe, post-writing you can better decide what you want to share publicly, if at all. At least you will have your record for yourself.

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