#10 My Mom

20180612_202755My mom, also born circa 1943, into a highly dysfunctional, abusive home.  I know my late grandmother was a highly critical, unpleasant woman who rarely had anything nice to say to my mother.  My mom also had a younger sister and brother.  Things my mom has told me about her childhood concern only her, so I really do not know how her blood siblings were treated.  My understanding is, that as the oldest, my mother took the brunt of it.  Emotional abuse can often time be as damaging, if not more so, than physical.  My mom was born in Massachusetts, greenhorns she would say and make me laugh!  They lived in the tenement apartments, all of her extended family living right near each other.  My mother once told me her mom pushed her down a flight of stairs; again I can’t remember why.  But the one person you should be able to trust, your mother, doing that to you?  To me, that is just unimaginable and unthinkable, but I believe her.  I have also been told she was emotionally cruel to my mother, always telling her she would never amount to anything, always yelling and screaming.  

Once I had a first-hand experience with my grandmother’s craziness.  I had gone out to California, where my mom’s family moved in the fifties I believe, to visit my family.  I, my grandmother and my cousin had gone to some sightseeing place.  We were in the parking lot, leaving.  We were all in the front seat, my grandmother driving, me next to her in the middle and my cousin by the passenger door.  We backed out of our parking space and all of a sudden this large, work truck started backing up, coming right towards us.  We were all sitting there in shock so I did what I thought was the logical thing to do, I started blowing the horn because my grandmother didn’t seem as if she was going to.  My grandmother hauled off and slapped me right across my face!  I was in such utter shock.  To this day I have no idea why in the name of Sam Hill she slapped me.  I think it is funny now, of course, but it just kind of backs up a lot of what my mother has told me over the years.

I have yet to tell my mother about this blog, I am not sure what her reaction will be.  Of course, I am eventually going to tell her.  I will feel bad if she is upset, but by staying in a very bad situation she also made this MY STORY.  But for respect out of my mom, I won’t be posting her pictures but I will post a picture of her favorite grandchild, Ramona Lisa the Cairn Terrier!!!!




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